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When it comes to constructing your dream home in Owensboro, KY, trust our team of experienced and skilled builders to bring your vision to life. We are dedicated to providing top-notch craftsmanship and exceptional customer service from the initial concept to the final completion of your home. Count on us to turn your dreams into reality with our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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Unlock substantial savings when building your dream home with our team. Our affordable homes present cost reductions of 20% to 30% compared to other builders. Through simplified floor plans and streamlined building processes, we optimize cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality.


Enjoy a stress-free construction experience with our standardized floor plans that eliminate the need for excessive decision-making and changes. Our efficient and streamlined building process ensures timely construction, enabling you to move into your new home sooner than expected.


Embrace the advantages of energy-efficient technology and premium building materials with our sustainable homes. Our commitment to energy efficiency not only contributes to a greener environment but also leads to long-term cost savings for homeowners.

Experienced Home Builders Dedicated to Building Your Dream Home

Established in Haubstadt, Indiana back in 2002, Century Home Builders has garnered trust as a reliable family-owned business offering both on-site and modular home building options. By implementing cost-saving strategies like limited modifications and bulk purchasing, Century Home Builders ensures the delivery of high-quality homes that meet or surpass building codes. Clients can enjoy peace of mind with a full third-party warranty that covers not just the home construction, but also the garage, foundation, basement, utilities, and more. Due to their commitment to quality, Century Home Builders constructs a limited number of homes each year, emphasizing the importance of securing your spot early. Trust Century Home Builders to turn your dream home into a reality.

Site Built Homes​

Building affordable, site built homes is our forte at Century Home Builders. Our simplified floor plans mean you have fewer complicated decisions to make, resulting in fewer home building delays.

Modular Homes

When it comes to affordable modular homes, Century Home Builders takes the lead. Our assurance is to provide various floor plans and pricing options to meet any budget while not compromising on quality and design.

The Century Home Builders Difference

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Build your dream home quickly and affordably with the guidance of Century Home Builders. Don’t navigate the process alone – schedule a meeting with us to discuss your needs and wants, and let our experienced team guide you through the journey of constructing your new home.


Bring your dream home to life without breaking the bank with Century Home Builders. Our streamlined floor plans offer customizable options that cater to your wants and needs, ensuring affordability while making your vision a reality. 


Embrace the excitement of settling into your brand-new site-built home with Century Home Builders. Our efficient building process guarantees a seamless experience, allowing us to deliver your home promptly and hassle-free.

Over 40 Floor Plans To Choose From

Our affordable floor plans range from 2-4 bedrooms and from 1,026-2,330 square feet. We truly have floor plans for everyone in Owensboro.

Featured Home Floor Plans

Mystic Creek
3 Beds | 2 Baths | 1782 Sq. Ft
Easy Street 30'
3 Beds | 2 Baths | 1740 Sq. Ft.
2 Beds | 2 Baths | 1296 Sq. Ft
Blue Jay
4 Beds | 4 Baths | 2305 Sq. Ft.

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“Century Home Builders was able to care of everything. They took care of all the headache items like septic, foundation and water. We examined every home brand available in Indiana and Century Home Builders had the best. We really like the cabinetry.”

Bob and Patty McClary

“My Century Home Builders home is very energy efficient, low/no maintenance, and just perfect for my lifestyle. After the initial ordering of my Century Home Builders home I was able to concentrate on moving and packing. Sky Epperson managed the building process and called me when it was done and I was able to move right in with no problems.”

Genie Gard

FAQs About Home Builders in Owensboro, KY

Century Home Builders provides clients with the option to choose between modular home building and site-built home building. Modular construction involves building sections of the home in a factory and assembling them on-site for quicker timelines and quality control. Site-built construction allows for you to choose from a wide range of floor plans and on-site construction. Century Home Builders focuses on exceptional craftsmanship and tailors the construction method to meet clients’ needs and preferences.

Century Home Builders offers customization options for modular homes, allowing clients to personalize the design. However, at Century, site-built homes have unique floor plans engineered to meet cost-efficient standards, resulting in less customization compared to modular homes. Clients should consult with Century Home Builders to understand the customization possibilities for their specific project.

The duration of building a home can vary depending on several factors, including the size and complexity of the project, weather conditions, availability of labor and materials, and the builder’s schedule. It is recommended to consult with your chosen home builder to get a more accurate timeline based on your specific requirements and circumstances.

The cost of building a home can vary due to several factors such as location, size, design, materials, labor costs, and customization. To get an accurate cost estimate, it is advisable to consult with a home builder or contractor who can assess your project and provide a detailed breakdown of expenses. They can help you determine a budget that aligns with your specific needs and preferences.

When selecting a home builder for your project, it is important to follow a few steps to ensure the right choice:

  1. Conduct thorough research and gather information about different home builders in your area.
  2. Assess their expertise and experience in building homes similar to your desired design and size.
  3. Verify their credentials and licensing to ensure they meet all legal requirements.
  4. Request references from past clients and consider visiting model homes they have built.
  5. Meet with the home builder to discuss your project and gauge their communication style and professionalism.
  6. Evaluate the cost and value they provide, considering factors such as pricing, quality of materials, and warranty offerings.

Owensboro, Kentucky can be a good location to build a new home. It offers a mix of small-town charm and amenities, a relatively affordable cost of living, and a growing economy. The city has a range of housing options and a stable real estate market. Additionally, Owensboro has a strong sense of community and provides access to quality schools, healthcare facilities, and recreational activities.


Let’s have a conversation about how we can help you build the home that fits your needs and lifestyle.