Value Engineered Floor Plans & The Life Changing Advantages

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Welcome to the world of crafted simplicity and efficiency with Century Home Builders‘ value engineered floor plans. These carefully designed homes are revolutionizing the way we think about the home building process, striking an impressive balance between quality and affordability. In this blog post, we’ll delve into how choosing a simplified, cost-effective floor plan doesn’t mean compromising on your dream home, but rather enhancing it with a focus on budget-friendliness and energy efficiency.

For first-time home buyers, budget-conscious families, and savvy investors, the promise of a straightforward build, combined with potential long-term savings, is an alluring prospect. As we explore the benefits of these innovative designs, you’ll discover how Century Home Builders is leading the charge in creating homes that embody both function and value, without the stress of endless customization options. Let’s take a closer look at how value engineered floor plans can redefine the way you view your journey to homeownership.

The Importance of Value Engineered Floor Plans

The importance of value engineered floor plans has become increasingly pronounced against the backdrop of rising housing costs. Across many regions, the average price of new home builds has surged, driven by escalating material costs, labor shortages, and land prices, making homeownership an unattainable dream for a considerable segment of the population. According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the average cost of building a new house has consistently risen over the past decade.

In Indiana, the average price to build a new home is $125/ square ft. meaning a 2,000 sq. ft house would take approximately $250,000 to build. In comparison, At Century Home Builders the average cost per square ft. comes out to just over $110. Just on average, a 2,000 sq. ft value engineered floor plan from Century Home Builders would only cost $221,760 opposed to the traditional $250,000. In fact the following value engineered floor plans at Century Home Builders are OVER 2,000 square ft and BELOW $250,000 for a new home:

Average Home Cost per Sq. Ft

By optimizing the use of materials, simplifying designs, and making efficient use of space, these  value engineered floor plans significantly reduce construction costs. Consequently, they play a crucial role in making new homes more affordable for a broader range of income groups. Not only do they address the economic aspect of sustainability by reducing initial costs, but they also contribute to long-term savings via energy-efficient designs. Thus, value engineered floor plans represent a strategic response to the dual challenges of affordability and sustainability in today’s housing market, offering a pathway to homeownership that balances cost efficiency with quality living standards.

Understanding Value Engineered Floor Plans

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Value engineered floor plans are an innovative solution for building new homes while managing costs effectively. They are designed with the precise intention of optimizing resources, using space efficiently, and minimizing waste during construction. This approach to home design focuses on delivering the best possible value to homeowners by streamlining the building process and keeping designs simple and cost-effective.

Home builders employ various strategies for value engineering in floor plans to save on the cost of new home builds.

  1. Simplified Design: By utilizing a simplified, straightforward design, builders reduce complexities and decrease the overall construction cost. This means avoiding complicated layouts, unnecessary corners, and unconventional shapes.
  2. Standardization: Using standardized sizes and materials also yields considerable cost savings. Most products and materials come in standard sizes; adhering to these dimensions reduces the need for custom work and minimizes waste.
  3. Multi-Function Spaces: Designing rooms to serve multiple purposes is another way to reduce costs. Instead of having separate rooms for each function, builders design spaces that can be used in different ways — for example, an open plan kitchen, living, and dining area.
  4. Efficient Use of Space: Every square foot adds to the cost of a home, so builders plan to use space efficiently. This involves simplified foundations, thinking vertically, and making use of every nook and cranny to reduce wasted space.
  5. Simplifying Layouts & Designs: By simplifying roofline designs and minimizing the number of varying pitches, builders can decrease expenses on materials and labor. Concurrently, optimizing the structural layouts to avoid the unnecessary use of multiple beams in the basement or LVLs on upper floors can lead to further cost savings.
  6. Material Selection: Economical and durable material choices also contribute to cost savings. Builders often choose low-maintenance materials that are both cost-effective and long-lasting.
  7. Energy Efficiency: Incorporating energy-efficient features, such as optimal orientation for natural light and ventilation, installation of energy-efficient appliances, and high-quality insulation can lower long-term costs associated with heating, cooling, and electricity.
  8. Reducing Site Impact: Wherever possible, builders aim to minimize site impact by choosing construction methods that preserve the existing landscaping and require fewer materials to be transported to the site.
  9. Technology and Software: Builders use advanced software for creating optimal floor plan designs, estimating accurate material requirements, and predicting potential issues in the building process. This enables them to cut costs by avoiding design mistakes, reducing waste, and improving project timeline efficiencies.
  10. Bulk Buying: Purchasing materials in bulk can also bring down costs. By planning in advance and consolidating orders for multiple projects, builders can negotiate better prices.All these strategies contribute to the value engineering process in home construction, enabling builders to provide affordable, high-quality housing options to their clients.

Century Home Builders has taken this concept a step further by crafting these value engineered floor plans to suit the needs of modern homeowners while still adhering to strict budgetary constraints. 

Unlike traditional custom home designs that often come with a hefty price tag and a long list of potential modifications, Century’s value engineered plans are pre-designed to reduce the need for alterations, thus maintaining affordability. The company’s focus on budget-friendliness does not compromise on style or functionality but instead ensures a balance of efficiency and design that meets the needs of cost-conscious homebuyers.

The Benefits of Choosing Simplified Floor Plans

Benefits of Simplified Floor Plans
Benefits of Simplified Floor Plans

Value engineered floor plans offer significant cost savings for home buyers, primarily because they are pre-designed and minimize the need for expensive architectural services. By choosing a simplified floor plan from Century Home Builders, customers avoid the premium attached to custom design work. These savings can be substantial, allowing for budget allocations to be directed elsewhere, such as interior finishes or landscaping.

Opting for a streamlined floor plan also reduces complexity and decision fatigue for home buyers. With fewer decisions to make about the layout and structure of their new home, customers can enjoy a stress-free building process. This simplicity contributes to a more efficient construction timeline, as contractors can move forward without delays caused by design changes or indecision, leading to faster completion times and a quicker move-in date for the homeowner.

Quality and Affordability Balance

At the heart of Century Home Builders’ vision lies the principle of value engineering, a testament to their dedication to merging affordability and quality. This vital approach is instrumental in creating homes that are not only reasonably priced but built with lasting endurance and quality.

Value engineering allows Century Home Builders to construct homes that offer exceptional value for their cost. These homes are meticulously designed and built to stand the test of time, embodying reliability and longevity. Quality materials and proven construction techniques are employed to ensure structural integrity, while tasteful finishes and features contribute to each property’s aesthetic appeal.

Moreover, these homes are crafted with the modern homeowner’s needs and preferences in mind. They are designed to cater to contemporary lifestyles – balancing open, versatile spaces for entertaining and relaxation with private areas for work and rest. Efficient layouts and careful space planning add further value, optimizing utility and comfort for homeowners.

This approach provides an effective solution for potential buyers desiring to own a well-constructed, attractively designed home without bearing the often-prohibitive costs associated with custom-built properties.

Value engineered floor plans thus represent a win-win situation for customers: they can enjoy living in a high-quality home that matches their lifestyle needs and design preferences, ensuring they can truly enjoy their investment, all while benefiting from significant cost savings. This innovative approach sets Century Home Builders apart, reinforcing their commitment to delivering excellent value through smart design and construction practices.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

The long-term benefits of living in an energy-efficient home extend beyond cost savings on utility bills. Homeowners enjoy a comfortable living environment year-round, while also contributing to a reduced environmental footprint. The incorporation of sustainable materials and practices reflects a commitment to not only the homeowner’s well-being but also to the health of the planet. This approach to building resonates with those who value both economic and environmental sustainability, illustrating how value engineered floor plans can offer meaningful advantages for the present and future.

The Ideal Audience for Value Engineered Homes

Who Are value engineered floor plans for

Century Home Builders’ value engineered floor plans are specifically designed to appeal to first-time home buyers. These individuals often seek homes that are both affordable and turnkey, minimizing the stress associated with the purchasing and moving process. The simplicity of these floor plans, combined with their cost-effectiveness, makes them an attractive option for those entering the housing market.

Budget-conscious families also benefit from the value engineered approach, as it provides the opportunity to own a new home without the premium price tag of custom designs. For families looking to maximize their investment while adhering to a strict budget, these value engineered floor plans offer a practical solution. 

Additionally, investors who are interested in cost-effective property options find value engineered homes to be ideal for building a portfolio of rental properties or for resale purposes, thanks to their affordability and appeal in the market.

The Building Process with Century Home Builders

The building process with Century Home Builders is a streamlined endeavor, designed to be as efficient and stress-free as possible for the homebuyer. From the initial selection of a value engineered floor plan, customers embark on a clear and straightforward path towards homeownership. With these pre-designed plans, the typically extensive decision-making process is significantly simplified, as options for customization are limited to maintain the affordability of the homes.

Throughout the construction journey, Century Home Builders provides consistent customer support and guidance. Homebuyers are kept informed at each stage, ensuring they remain confident and engaged in the progress of their new home. This personalized approach to construction, coupled with the budget-friendly principles of value engineering, guarantees a satisfactory experience and an impressive final product.

Why Century Home Builders is the Right Choice

Century Home Builders stands out in the home construction market with its innovative value engineered floor plans, designed to provide homebuyers with both quality and affordability. The company’s commitment to balancing these two crucial aspects has established it as a top choice for those looking to invest in a new home without breaking the bank. By choosing Century Home Builders, customers gain access to a selection of floor plans that have been meticulously designed to offer the best possible living space while adhering to cost-effective principles.

In addition to their value engineered designs, Century Home Builders sets itself apart by emphasizing customer satisfaction and support throughout the building process. Homebuyers are guided by a professional and friendly team, ensuring a seamless experience from the initial consultation to the final walkthrough. 

This customer-centric approach, combined with the tangible benefits of their value engineered homes, positions Century Home Builders as a wise choice for anyone in the market for a new home. Prospective buyers are encouraged to explore the available floor plans and reach out to the Century Home Builders team to discover how they can achieve their dream home with exceptional value.

Get The Balance of Efficiency and Design with Century Home Builders

Century Home Builders can build a new home cheap - image of a kitchen built by Century Home Builders based off of an original floor plan

As we’ve navigated through the myriad of advantages offered by value engineered floor plans, it’s clear that Century Home Builders stands at the forefront of affordable, quality home construction. Our dedication to combining cost-efficiency with top-tier materials and sustainable design is unwavering. We understand that the journey to homeownership should be filled with excitement, not complexity, and our streamlined process ensures just that.

For those of you who are stepping into the realm of homeownership for the first time, seeking a harmonious balance between affordability and quality, or simply investing in a property that promises a quick turnaround and energy savings, our doors are open. Let us guide you through a seamless building experience, where your dream home is crafted with precision and care, minus the financial strain.

We invite you to explore our wide selection of affordable floor plans and find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and budget. Connect with us at Century Home Builders, and let’s embark on the journey to build your ideal, energy-efficient home, promising a foundation of quality and affordability that will stand the test of time.

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