Modular Home Myths Debunked

Let’s debunk some of the most popular modular home myths. Many of these myths boil down to semantics and a lack of awareness of construction laws that have led to improvements in the overall product.

Modular Homes are Cheaply Made: FALSE

Many people assume that Modular homes are made cheaply. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. FEMA did a study on Modular Homes and Site Built homes after Hurricane Andrew hit Florida. Andrew was a Category 4 Storm that produced sustained winds of 131-155 MHP. At the time, this was the strongest storm to ever hit the United States. Andrew devastated Florida, causing the most dollar value damage ever.

This FEMA study showed that modular homes outperformed stick-built homes due to their incredible structural integrity. Modular homes are actually built to withstand high winds and other destructive elements.

Modular homes are simply safer than competing structures.
While they aren’t cheaply made, you can still save up 20-30% if you decided to purchase a modular home.

Modular Homes Don’t Last: FALSE

Modular homes can last as long (or longer) than any stick-built home. Since modular homes are made indoors, they aren’t subject to the wear and tear the environment has on homes that are built outside.

A Modular Home is Just a Mobile Home: FALSE

In some parts of the country, Manufactured (mobile) home sellers are calling their products “Modular Homes.” This adds confusion to the market, and this confusion could be avoided if they stopped doing this. Regardless of what the manufacturer calls the home, here’s a simple way to tell the difference:
The Mobile home will be built to a HUD code, a less strict federally enforced construction code. True modular homes will be built to the same state codes that traditional stick-built homes must be built to.
You, as the buyer, should always have the seller specify the code they must abide by in the contract.

A Modular Home Just Looks Different than Traditional Site Built Homes: FALSE

If you walk through your neighborhood right now, you shouldn’t be able to tell which homes are modular and which ones aren’t. Modular homes look like traditional homes and are simply made in a different location than the owner’s property. There are so many styles to choose from that you’ll be able to find a home that fits your lifestyle perfectly.

A Modular Home Depreciates in Value: FALSE

Many homebuyers assume that their modular home will depreciate in value like a mobile home or a vehicle. But modular homes actually hold their value exactly like site-built homes do! Because of the strict code that modular homes must be built to, there is actually less maintenance required when compared to stick-built home.

If you plan on selling anytime in the future, you are not preventing that from happening when you purchase a modular home.

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