How Modular Homes put a Halt to Homebuilding Delays

Many homeowners who choose to purchase traditional stick-built homes will experience significant homebuilding delays in the building process due to weather, material shipment delays, and many other unforeseen reasons. In contrast, when you build a modular home, everyone’s schedule stays intact.

Why are Modular Homes Less Prone to Homebuilding Delays?

Simply put, modular homes are built faster. The lack of delay is mostly because of the difference in the construction process. Modular homes, during the building phase, are not subject to wear and tear from the environment.

Should I Avoid Building a Home in the Winter?

Good news! Modular construction isn’t seasonal!
For example, choosing to move in the winter could potentially be an obstacle if working with a traditional construction company. But if you’re working with a modular homebuilder, you don’t have to worry about harmful environmental elements like snow or the cold halting the process or ruining the materials your future home will be built with.
Also, while most traditional construction companies outsource to third parties for their material, modular homebuilders typically have a large inventory of raw materials in-house and in stock for your project.

Should I be concerned about overseas shipments in these uncertain times?

Since times are tough, and since shipping has caused major concerns and delays within the traditional construction industry, this is the perfect time to take advantage of the newest trend in the housing market: Going Modular.
Your family can move into your new dream home early spring without worrying about a faulty framework before you even move in.
If you want more information, now’s a great time to read up on everything else there is to know about modular homes.

Why choose Century Homes to build your modular home?

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