About Century Home Builders

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Century Home Builders was founded by Sky and JJ Epperson of Haubstadt, IN. Sky has a lifetime of experience in the home building business as his father was in the same industry. Sky started his adult life in 1986 working for his father. He later owned and operated six locations in Northeast Indiana much like the one you visited or inquired about today. He owned these locations with four other partners to whom he sold his shares to in 2002. This allowed Sky and JJ to start Century Home Builders shortly thereafter in Haubstadt, IN, and bring the family back to the Epperson roots. Sky spends much of his time working at Century Home Builders while JJ chases around their triplets born in 2001.

Century Home Builders will build your home on site or, as they prefer, build your home with the Century Advanced Technology practices which will save you 20% to 30% over home built with outdated methods. Our state coded home (same code as an on site built home) offers a quality built home at more affordable price. The Century Home will offer you a home built indoors in a quality controlled environment. Materials are purchased by the train load instead of by the small truck load as most local builders are forced to do. Building in a controlled environment allows for better quality control, and building materials are not subject to the weather. These items will help the Century Home Builders client save 30% or more over the local on site builder. The Century Home has been built at the Nappanee, IN, facility for over 45 years.

Century Home Builders recently did a comparison between energy costs on their home and a reputable local on site builder. The Century Home Builders home saved our client 35% on energy costs. Both of these homes were located in Owensville, IN.

Century Home Builders will complete the whole home package for you. They will do the home, garage, foundation, basement, drive, septic, water, electric, sidewalks, porches, patios, sunrooms, pole barns and any other item a client might want. This will allow the clients to concentrate on their jobs and careers as well as prepare the family for the move into the new Century Home Builders home. For the clients that have expertise in area of home building, we will certainly price the home to their specifications. In fact, Century Home Builders average build time is less than 90 days from the time a client says “start building” till the time the new home is completed and ready for move-in.

Century Home Builders only builds a certain amount of homes a year (to maintain quality) so it is important to reserve your building spot early. Ask Sky about the Century Home Builders No Risk Price Lock Program where your home price can be secured for up to six months before your start date. This program has saved clients as much as $6,800.00. Combine this with prices never go down and you could have great savings.

Our company also has a land seeker program and currently has over a 90% success rate in locating just the right piece of land for the client.

Century Home Builders uses name brand materials such as Pella Windows, Moen Faucets, Whirlpool Appliances, Trane, Honeywell, Owens Corning, Miller, Congoluem, Shaw Carpets, and Georgia Pacific Lumber.